Our Mission

We believe that the community of writers and artists is one that is necessary for any success in artistic endeavors. As such, we want contributors to be open to attending and participating in literary events around the publication of the issue. We have hosted readings in Baltimore, New York and Philadelphia already and have more in our vision. We want our contributors to meet each other, shake some hands, get involved.

That isn’t to say we don’t want contributions from other places. If you’re in Djibouti or Kyrgyzstan or Los Angeles, please, submit. Just be aware of our preferences.

Our Editors

Mary Adelle (Poetry Editor, Web Manager) is a poet/woman/friend/lover/student/animal living in Baltimore, MD. She is the author of Girl Flame. Follow her on her website and Instragram @maryadelle.

Chris Kosmides (Fiction Editor, Co-Editor-in-Chief) is a teacher and writer based in Baltimore, MD. He is the author of the novel, The Middlemen. He also writes a blog on fatherhood and has written several editorials and short stories. He is the founder of the Hampden Writer’s Group. Mr. Kosmides has a bachelor’s degree from the new School and a graduate degree from St. John’s College. He currently teaches high school English and writing, has lectured at Towson University, and has conducted seminars for the Maryland Writing Project. Check out his blog:

Alexander Stathes (Fiction Editor, Reviews) lives, works, and writes in Baltimore. He holds a PhD in Creative Writing, and teaches courses in literature, creative writing, and composition.

Michael B. Tager (Nonfiction Editor, Editor-in-Chief) is a writer in Baltimore. Find more of his work and publications at