Table of Contents / Issue Three

You, In Love by Alisha Ebling

We may be arrows, but, oh, we grow wings by Holly Hofer

The Awkward 20-Something Guide to Dating by Adina Ferguson

The Action of Striking Together by Anthony Moll

Mothers by Madeleine Mysko

If I could Master the Nine Doors of My Body by Yvette Flis

Do Not Trust the Sun by Dave K.

Requiem by Wallace Lane

Civil Please by Joseph Young

Artemis Athena Aphrodite I by Sadie Rae

Tidal by Amelia White

Flipping Through Your Latest Cookbook by Jessica Hudgins

Ingeborg by Kurt Crisman

Girls From Rosewood by Christine Higgins

Annabelle by the Window by Deirdre Roche

Lovely Ladies, Beautiful Ladies by Jamie Perez

Outburts by David Diongue

Portrait of by Caitlyn O’Flaherty

Pack of Hope by ChrisWight

Thank You, Sylvia Plath by Anne Walters

Family Planning by Kristen Russell

Woman/Writer by B. Morrison

The Children (excerpt) by Alana Capria

Roadside Broken Box of Bread by CarlaJean Valluzzi

Spare Parts by Heather Rounds

La Belle by Richard Thompson

The Shadow of Perfection by Marcia Eppich-Harris

Maybe They Will Drown Him by Gail DiMaggio

A Storm Like That by Lisa Rubenson

April by Sarah Smith

Dear Mr. Tax Man by Ed Vojik

Sigh. Thighs. by Erin Drew

My Name is Hercules by Chris Tarry

Natalie on Men by Michele K. Johnson Huffman

Natalie Landlocked by Michele K. Johnson Huffman

Natalie in the Dirt by Michele K. Johnson Huffman